Creditor harassment, including a barrage of phone calls and intimidation, can be overwhelming. Whether or not the debtor actually owes the amount the collector claims, the agency will often hound him or her for months, making life unbearable and using any means possible to recover the debt. At Pace Law Offices, we will take the necessary action to end the calls and collection attempts, sorting out matters and dealing with the collection agency directly on your behalf.

Creditor Harassment Lawyer — Representation In Debt Collection Laws

Once you hire an attorney, debt collectors are not legally allowed to contact you any further; they must work directly with your representation. The harassment, phone calls and intimidation must immediately cease. If they continue to contact you, you can take legal steps, sometimes even obtaining statutory damages from the collector.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also dictates many collection behaviors and actions that are illegal, including lies, misrepresentation of the debt, intimidation, verbal abuse, threats and violence. We will investigate any situations where a collector has used these tactics against you and seek to hold the collector legally responsible.

Our attorney will evaluate the details of the collector's claim to determine if the debt is a true debt and the actual amount owed. In some cases, the debt may have expired or the collector may be lying about the amount you owe. By applying constant pressure, collection agencies can often get a consumer to pay expired debt, just to end the harassment.

We work to provide peace of mind to consumers facing aggressive collection agencies that often rely upon unethical or illegal means to recover money. Acting on your behalf, we will deliver results and resolve the matter.

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