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Pace Law Offices is Alaska's premier business fire and wildfire litigation firm. We have the resources and experience to help individuals, businesses, and public entities pursue recovery against companies or the federal government for damage caused by wildfires and commercial fires.  From individuals who were forced to evacuate and were temporarily displaced to those who have lost their homes and businesses, suffered personal injury, or lost loved ones, we understand how devastating fire losses can be and will work hand in hand with you to navigate the process of recovery.


People affected by fire can suffer many types of losses, including property damage, evacuation expenses, lost income, personal injury, stress and anguish, and wrongful death. While many fire victims are uninsured, even those with insurance rarely recover all they are entitled to and are left with significant deficits. Many policyholders are underinsured and many categories of damages are outside the purview of insurance coverage altogether, such as emotional damages, or erosion, or are largely uncovered, such as landscaping and trees. Our experienced lawyers work with each client individually to assess their unique losses and ensure that they receive full and fair compensation from their insurance policy and any wrongdoer.

Because we take fire litigation cases on a contingency-fee basis, we do not get paid unless our clients are paid. We advance the costs of working with the top experts in fields such as rebuilding, erosion, and tree loss to determine damages and help our clients maximize their recovery.

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